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The LonePenguin Software Project is the fruit realized from countless hours of development effort. My name is Erik Johnson and I have been developing software professionally for 20 years. The products that I create are made available at this site. This is your starting point to gain more information, download evaluation copies, purchase and download registered copies, and get support for the products that I produce.


Product Design Philosophy

When a software developer decides to develop a product, whether a large corporation or single individual, they contribute a design philosophy to the final product. This design philosophy can influence the product in many different ways. Several factors, such as budget, schedule, and development staff familiarity with various platform technologies all play their part in how the design philosophy is shaped.

Each software developer's design philosophy is different and emphasizes different design construction methodologies. Here are the elements of design approach that I find important and value as each product I create is developed:

Product Support/Contact Information

Whether you'd like to ask a question about a product or would just like to give feedback, there are two methods to do so. You can ...

  1. Send an email to:
  2. Submit a feedback message at this site. To do so, just click here

All LonePenguin Software Project products are supported through the Internet ONLY (via E-Mail and Web Site submitted messages).

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